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Bird Watchers!  Ingenious Ways to Attract Rare Birds to Your Very Own Home

There’s a growing popularity these days for bird watching.  More and more you see people discussing it and talking about it, and even catching references to it in pop culture (Raymond is a bird watcher in Netflix’s House of Cards!).  Most of us live in suburbia where you can see the occasional hawk or pigeon, but anything more exciting and rare has to be seen on trips out into the wilderness.  Of course, that can be a thrill and an exciting adventure.  But it’s also fun to attract more of the rarer birds to your own home.  Just imagine the joy of seeing a bald eagle perched on your front railing.  While that’s probably not going to happen, there are things you can do to attract rare birds to your very own home.

1.  Different Styles of Feeder

Obviously, attracting birds with a bird feeder will be a great way to get more birds to your home.  You can get a bunch of different feeders from various places and fill them with different varieties of seeds and nuts, or even certain elixirs that are designed for birds (like hummingbirds).  The trick is to have a great variety of feeders, and feed, and put them in various places.  Of course you want them to be within view of your window, but attracting the birds is the first and foremost trick.  Then spotting them on the flight in or flight out is going to be a great thrill.  Experiment with many different styles and you will soon see that some work for some birds and others for others.

2.  Get Lures Up in the Trees

Many birds will not be attracted to feeders or other attractions that are out in the middle of the yard or too close to the home.  A great idea is to get something to attract the birds lodged up in your backyard trees.  Find yourself one of the <a href=“”>extension ladders</a> easily available on <a href=“”></a> and you can use that to climb deep into the upper echelons of your trees and put feeders up there or other things that will attract the birds.  You’ll maybe not get a great view of the feeding, but some more difficult-to-spot birds will be flying by and you’ll get to see them and snap a photo or two.

3.  Bird Baths

I guess birds are a filthy type of animal, because they sure love taking baths!  While that’s of course not true, some birds love a bird bath, to dip their legs in, to drink from, and to splish and splash about in.  Bird baths will attract some birds that a simple feeder won’t attract.  Also, a bird bath is an elegant decoration for any yard.  It’s an old fashioned ornament that you don’t see as much these days, but it’s ready to make a comeback along with the bird watching hobby itself.  You can get bird baths from Home Depot or probably vintage antique type stores, and you will have a great time spotting your friendly neighborhood birds for years to come.





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