Driving and Texting

I have had friends lose their teenage kids because of texting or talking on the phone while driving, send a message to them when you can’t be with them with a phone cover, when they pick up their phone to text while driving it would be like you are there telling them to put it down. iPhone 5 cases are only $21.99 , less than a tank of gas could save their lives. These are available in every smart phone cover I have to offer, also keychains and stickers to put on the dash, don’t wait and wish you would have gotten your loved one, one later…. IT COULD BE TOO LATE


Dash stickers only $4.99 , over 11,000 deaths in 2012 from just the USA were caused by Texting While Driving

10.136 deaths caused by drinking and driving in the USA in 2012

It’s time for us to warn, educate our loved ones so that they do not become a statistic

Keychains only $11.99 , This  could be the best investment you will ever make

1.3 million crashes were caused by the use of cell phones in 2012


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