In Motion by Mark Moore

In Motion” by Mark Moore

high gloss acrylic 12 x 18

what I am going for in this piece is early morning after a rainy night, the sun coming up in the east and the effect of motion as you drive in the the parking lot to have you car serviced. The old truck is pulled out front every morning when the store opens

Prints are now available

In Motion low



Notice the detail in the front windows and see the product on the shelves and the displays hanging from ceiling, also the stack of tires in the second window,




The red car is being worked on and the hood is up, also notice the sign on the side that reads “since 1952”, can you read the signage on the side of building, not sure why but part of what draws me in to this building is the yellow parking stops  (maybe that’s why they stand out in the painting)




A bit closer look at the front, feel free to share your thoughts ( I would love to hear them)




this part of the painting is The Catfish Cabin entrance, notice the news stand machine near the entrance, can anyone point out what they see in the windows





In the painting the Auto Service sign on the front is one of the smallest details in the painting, I struggled to get the effect I was wanting but I wanted them to appear raised off the building, this detail is approx 1/8″ x 1″




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