“Last Friday Night” 50’s Style Diner

Last Friday Night low

Notice the man looking back in the red truck


Here you will see details in the interior of people enjoying their dinner, also the duct work hanging in the ceiling and the menu on the back wall along with the red rafters and lights hanging from the ceiling


here is the waitress bring the order down the ramp and on the sign a image of a waitress taking an order


close up of the man in the truck , the tuck is a 1957 Chevy and the Yellow Cadillac is a 1955


last friday night in progress

Last Friday Night, acrylic on acid free paper 12×18,

This 50’s style Diner now sits vacant, I did not get the opportunity to see it in its prime (because I am not old enough) but this building drew me in as I was driving past it. I would imagine that it once thrived with hungry customers but time has rendered it useless. Now an eye sore as nature takes over to reclaim its space, but as I drove by it took me to a place I have never seen before (the 1950’s Friday night). To share my experience of that night in passing though the 1950’s, hope you enjoy “Last Friday Night” as much as I did.

If interested in this original painting feel free to send an offer to fineartbymark@aol.com

Artist Mark Moore is available for hired work, ask for rates !

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