Fire Truck Start to Finish

Recent commissioned painting for a private collector that was wanting a special piece for his nephew. I have to say that this was an honor to do because the collector is teaching his nephew about collecting art at 5 years old, if this isn’t awesome I don’t what is.

5418_4818960312155_1466256221_n Base of body with abstract background


544153_507434925959120_468475386_n More detail for the body and also started to add the tools and lights


426493_4827855334525_1075508982_n  Close to finishing with the wheels and foreground done


Fire Truck 4 low


After finishing the painting it was time for a photo shoot and in this picture I added the Fire and Rescue digitally

acrylic on canvas  16×20

The original is Sold to hopefully a happy little boy (Zayne)


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