City Rain Upclose

“City Rain” by Mark Moore

18 x 24 x 2 on canvas, acrylic brushed

city rain 9


In this piece I wanted to give the effect of looking out a window into the New York streets on a rainy night

city rain 7


After completing the piece it was time to get framed, adding a custom frame to add the effect of a window (framing done by The Frame Gallery in Athens Alabama)

city rain 1


closeup of the end of the street, what details can you find here

city rain 2


Closeup of the top left side of painting, what do you see in the windows

city rain 4


Right center of painting, can you make out the type of vehicle seen here, what else do you see in this shot

city rain 6

Bottom left side, what do you see

city rain 3




If you would like to own a print of this painting here is a link for open edition prints


If you would like to commission Mark Moore to do a painting  fineartbymark @

To see complete portfolio please stop by the gallery page

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