A Fine Time

A Fine Time low

A Fine Time, framed 12×18 on canvas paper

A Fine Time closeup

Closeup of the Coke Sign and bottles

A Fine Time closeup 6

Notice the old classic signage, also the shell gas pump and oil container next to the Model T

A Fine Time closeup 5

Classic style shell sign, hanging wood sign on chain and I used the white sign as a second signature

A Fine Time closeup 4

Another classic coke sign, at the time it seemed to take forever to do the paint cans. My primary brush for this painting was the size of a ball point pen, it’s the brush I use to sign my name with so you can imagine the time in the paint cans. ( side note , I use a small fine brush in most of my painting as a primary brush, the only time I use a larger brush is on the backgrounds and it’s no bigger than 1″)

A Fine Time closeup 3

Notice the green shack behind the Dodge, it was used to house the explosive tanks used with cutting torches ( side note, I am a fan of Dodge, my father was Ford and the rest of my family is Chevy,,,,,think I got it covered here )

A Fine Time closeup 2

Notice the jukebox in the corner playing all the favorites, also there is a heater in the corner and no garage is complete with out a toolbox. What do you think is on top of the toolbox { side note, in High School I took auto mechanics )

A Fine Time closeup 1

Notice the coke bottles in the cooler behind the car, even though it seemed like it took forever, the paint cans were my favorite part of doing this painting,,,,, not sure why


Hope you enjoy !!!!

If interested in owning the original or a print please contact fineartbymark@aol.com


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