Business and Artist – Direct Marketing Through Fine Art

What is the last TV commercial you seen? If you can’t remember it’s because you didn’t enjoy it. What is the last advertisement you heard on the radio,,,, You probably don’t remember that either. What about the ad you viewed in the local paper? Don’t recall. This is because we don’t enjoy them and find them annoying (most of us anyway).

Now think about a song you heard played on the radio by an artist that had an advertising message in it, can you remember it. One pops in my head like say ( my Chevy looks better with you up in it) by Blake Shelton and Nelly, or (I drive a Mercury) by Allen Jackson. Why do I remember this? because I like the songs. How about the last painting or picture you seen hanging on the wall, do you remember what it was? Most likely you do because it is hanging in your office or home and you enjoyed viewing it. Does it have a advertising message in it? maybe or maybe not, but if you are a small business you should want your advertisement in it. This is the most affordable and effective way to advertise and it’s simple to do so. All you have to do is find an artist to work with, now I know it’s not in reach to work with Blake Shelton or Nelly or even Peter Max but most small business are local and working with a local artist is very effective. If you want to reach music listeners then find a local band and have them incorporate your business name in one of their songs, or find a visual artist to paint a picture of your building or logo. How will this be effective? when the artist shows at galleries, museums and art shows your business will be on display and for those who see or hear it will remember it. Look at the Eiffel Tower and think how it became world famous, artist from around the world used it in their art, or Night Hawks  the Greenwich Diner painted by Edward Hopper became famous. This method has been used by Fortune 500 companies and is proven to work, look at how Chick-Fil-A uses art in adverting and how effective it is. TV commercials and Radio ads have been pushed so much over the years that it’s not as effective, this is why on demand, tivo and satellite radio is so popular and how can you reach customers that have veered away from traditional advertisements, by working with artist.

Last Friday Night low  Painting by Mark Moore

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