Angel Of Death


“Angel Of Death” by Mark Moore, ¬†acrylic on canvas 16 x 20

The inspiration behind this painting comes from my youngest son Mark Jr, he was born in 2010 with a heart condition and his heart had a whole in the center and was to under go surgery when he turned 1 yr old. After a few weeks had past since he had been born the doctors started to get concerned, so at age 2 months we were told the surgery would be now or never and he was not expected to live. Now being a father of a sick boy you feel helpless as you stand by unable to protect your son. So we head to the hospital for Jr’s open heart surgery, sitting in the waiting room seemed like a an eternity when the nurse comes out to tell us they are still working on him and he had flat lined on the table. They were able to revive him and the surgery was a success and it has been almost three years now. But I did this painting last year as I reflected on that day, the Angel Of Death had come for my son and I wasn’t able to do anything but love him. As seen in this painting the Angel Of Death is trying to reach out and grab him but the force of love, life, and faith was to strong so she spared my son’s life. This is how I felt the day of my son’s surgery and I have come to terms with his sickness and just now am I able to share this story, because I know Jr will live a long and happy life.

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