The Frame Gallery

“The Frame Gallery”  canvas 16×20  commissioned

The Frame Gallery in Athens Al has been at the same location for 30 years this year, this is one of the few places you can still get hand crafted custom frames done. You wouldn’t think that this shop in a small town like Athens Alabama does a world wide business, but it does and the owner Tony Cooper hand crafts frames to extend the art he is framing.

Trame low

In  the window I wanted to pull some of the details I notice as I come up to the shop, the thing that always catches my eye is the football on top of the frame display, but notice the painting in the window and the pottery on the window seal

Frame front

Trame sign

Notice the Street Sign, Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd President of The United States (just found that interesting)

Trame street

Can you find Tony Cooper the show owner in this picture?

Trame door

notice the old coke sign on the front of the shop

Trame coke

The Frame Gallery Athens Alabama

The Frame Gallery Athens Alabama


If you have a home, business or a family vacation spot you would like turned into art, please contact me





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