Mark Moore

Artist Mark Moore has been creating works of art since he was old enough to pick up a drawing instrument. A winner in The World’s Top 100 Artist by New Master Artist and Netherlands’ prestigious worldwide art contest E-TAXI, Moore’s interpretations of historical entertainment figures, cityscapes, nature scenes and more are drawing high praise from art lovers and Moore’s peers alike. Though he is known primarily for his creations of acrylic on canvas, he is also noted for his works of acrylic on wood sculpture, watercolors, oil paintings, drawings, murals and other works that he dedicates to his late mother, who was the inspiration and the impetus behind his pursuit of art as both a means of expression and a vocation.

An Ohio native who now lives in north Alabama with his childhood sweetheart wife and young family, Moore’s works have been displayed in prominent galleries and exhibitions throughout the United States and featured in several books, magazines, and film.

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courtesy of renowned American Journalist Rick Moore

Recent International Awards : Amsterdam, Netherlands International Art Contest “www.taxi-e.nl” May 2012

Get A Copy Of My Book   https://www.createspace.com/4201765  ” A Glimpse Of Me “

Feel free to share/reblog any of the post on this site   all images on this site are copyright protected

Reviews from collectors

I’m Dr. Wilson Luquire, a long time higher education Academic, and I have  bought several of artist Mark Moore’s original paintings, which were intriguing to me and which exuded both heart and human emotion. “Mother’s Bond” is one of the original paintings which I felt itself told an innate and compelling story, as did “Remembering Claire”, which was a breast cancer survivor remembrance – and once again the painting said it all, without narrative.

J.l. Wells

Mark I wanted to let you know that I just got your book in the mail today, you and your wife should be proud it’s awesome! The next time I up in North Alabama I’ll stop by your shop and get y’all to autograph it for me. 🙂


All paintings in the Gallery are originals by me (Mark Moore) and are available in fine art prints starting at only $17

follow link to my prints   5-mark-moore.artistwebsites.com

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  4. Thanks for dropping by “Honey.” Will come back and have a look when I can get on a god Internet line.

  5. Mark, thanks for dropping by MisunderstoodGod blog to ‘like’ a post. It’s appreciated! I went onto the gallery to see your work, and it’s amazing! You have a gift from God. I especially love your winter trees.
    Blessings to everything you put your hands to.

  6. Thank You Audra , My father was a pastor and he always said my ministry is in art lol , have a great day

  7. Hellooo!
    Thanks awfully for visiting my blog, as it has allowed me to find your delightful masterpiece, which I ADORE! This is a wonderful blog, you are extremely talented!
    Good luck with everything, God bless,

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  9. Hey Mark,

    Thank you for liking my post. I had a sports accident on 15th December 2011 and have been trying to recover since. My spinal injury has been the toughest challenge in my life, and I really want to say thank you for supporting me.

    Your friend,


  10. Thanks for visiting Discover Santosha, Mark. I’m glad you liked it, and I appreciate the feedback!

  11. you are ewelcome

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    Thanks for liking my post about Empowerment this week. Best wishes and regards to you on your work here and in art!


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    Nice reading about you.

    Thanks. For visiting my blog Ajaytao2010@wordpress.com. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may definitely find something of your interest.

  14. Thank You Ajay,

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s nice to meet a fellow artist. Just got a new easel this week and plan to get back to some canvas painting since we will soon be empty-nesters.
    blessings, EA

  16. Thank you for visiting my blog. I came from Japan.

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  18. Thanks for reading my post at NotebookM.com. The cover of your book is quite interesting. Best of luck with your work.

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  20. Hi Mark! Thank you for stopping by my blog (The Writer’s Stuff)! There are more posts to come in the next couple weeks to complete the journal up through May 1945, so keep a lookout if you’d like to see the rest of it! I look forward to taking a closer look at your art work!

  21. I will be back soon, Thank You

  22. Hi Mark, I’ve been enjoying your various pieces of art. Keep at it, I derive a great deal of pleasure from your work.

  23. Thank You so much Sleepcoat

  24. Thanks for the like 🙂 It means so much to share something personal and have it viewed favorably. I very much “Liked” your work as well.

  25. Hey…thanks for stopping by my blog…& its interesting to go through a collection of your posts & pics.

  26. Thank You akanksha

  27. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I appreciate 😃
    What a beautiful artworks you have ! Looking forward to see more your works😃

  28. Thank You Violet 🙂

  29. That’s so cool; you’re in Northern Alabama, and I’m in Dothan — Universe Calling!

  30. Thanks for liking my post ‘You’re Prettier Than Me…I Hate You.’ 🙂

  31. Not sure what to say here lol 🙂

  32. Cheers for your like on my blog. I’ve had a lovely morning perusing your work:). Have an awesome Easter!

  33. Thank You Kalie , You have a great Easter as well

  34. Thanks for liking my blogpost! I adore your paintings, especially the one of Truth Baptist Church! The colors really represent spring!

  35. Thank You Jammingcow

  36. Mark, I never knew of you but I’m so glad you stopped by my eat play move blog–a few clicks later I came across your Santana piece and could only smile double: not only am I a big fan, I had JUST clicked through to an article about Carlos from another notification in my gmail box, before the one about your like. Coincidences. (did you know Santana changed his name in 1973 to Devadip? Well, that’s what I was reading about. Saw a pic of him quite young, hugging/praying with a wonderful red guitar). Anyway. Enjoyed learning about you and your art…LOVE the reds in the Sunday Morning painting, too. Thanks again!

  37. Thank You eatplaymove, that’s interesting to know he changed his name , have a Happy Easter

  38. Thanks for the feedback on my blog about Full Circle Club for Boys. Your work is fantastic!

  39. Your Welcome and Thank You Ynonne

  40. Thank you so much for the like and visit to my site! it is much appreciated! please come back for more visits, as I will be posting more soon! 🙂

  41. CanineTrackers

     /  April 1, 2013

    I’m gonna share this with my sister- she writes for Asterisks (did I spell that right?) magazine and does art curating, etc. (A far cry from me and my cats.) 🙂

  42. Thank You Canine Trackers 🙂 that would be awesome

  43. Thank you for the “like” on my blog post. I came over here to see what you were up to and I’m now following. Thanks!

  44. Thank you Heather, I follow back :-).

  45. Thank you for visiting our blog. Pleasure to get acquainted with your beautiful works 🙂

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  47. Hi Mark! Beautiful artwork. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. All the best from Edinburgh

  48. Thanks for the visit.

  49. Thank you so much for liking my post on the Spring Flower Lattice. Your blog is amazing and you have a wonderful artistic mission that I think all artists should share in.

  50. Thanks for checking out my blog and my recent Peanut Butter Protein Balls! I hope you get the chance to try some of my recipes. I look forward to following your posts in the future!


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  53. Glad you liked “ability,” Mark. Thanks and best to you.

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  55. Thanks for your “like” on my blog. wishing you success with your new book and your art!

  56. Mark, I’m pleased that you liked my post on “Swords, Specters, & Stuff.” You’re welcome back anytime.

  57. Thank you for liking my poem…..so many beautiful paintings and works in your gallery. I wish you all the best along your Artistic Journey.

  58. Thank you Mark for liking my poem and visiting my blog… I’m an artist too and teach painting and photography, being engaged in lots of video poetry lately, art is a wide river!

  59. Thank You Truth, best wishes for you

  60. Hi Mark. A true artist. Thank yoy for liking my poem ‘ Hotel’. Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

  61. Thank You so very much 🙂

  62. Thanks so much for stopping by my new blog Go With it and Laugh. I love your art!! I’m looking forward to looking through more of it!

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  65. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you following my blog. Thank’s a lot…

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  69. Thanks for dropping by and liking a post on my page. Your style is certainly very interesting. cheers

  70. We are grateful for stopping by and liking Mind and body connection- you just let us in to discover your awesome art studio! Amazing!

  71. Hi Mark,
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog and liking my poem. I have spent a bit of time perusing your artwork and bought some cards. I love your work. I particularly loved Tree of Hope. I live with a chronic illness and just about everybody is dealing with something. I like to send people cards and I thought that design understood the darkness while pointing to the light. Bought ten of those to send out. I also ordered Angels for Michael. If I had any available wall space, would probably like a larger version for the wall. Also ordered one with piano keys and a record player in the blue version. Loved that. I am a writer but I do love painting and probably find it more fun as I don’t have the expectations I have of my writing. Best wishes,

  72. Thank You Village Green Shop 🙂

  73. Thank You so very much, I hope you enjoy them Roweeee 🙂 I truly appreciate your support

  74. Mark, I’m sure there is an artist buried somewhere deep inside my heart and every now and then I see something that unlocks something within and it feels amazing. I felt that way about much of your work. I really love the vibrant colours and energy.
    I do a bit of painting now and then myself but you can’t pursue everything and writing is my thing xx Rowena

  75. Thank You Roweeee, art has many forms and we all have the ability to create, I couldnt imagine the world without it, keep on creating Roweee 🙂

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  81. Your very welcome and you can call me Terry 🙂

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    Hello Mark
    thanks for finding and reading my post. I’m still trying to find my style and direction for Scituate Monthly. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. I like you site and especially Twilights. Keep up the good work.

  87. Thank You Bill, my advise is stay consistent with subject,,,,good luck

  88. Congratulations, Mark!

    I have nominated your blog for the Super Sweet Blogger Award.

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  89. Well deserved 🙂 All the best for you, your art and your blog!

  90. hi mark, thanks for reading my blog and i love your artwork. i look forward to more – beth

  91. Thank You Beth 🙂

  92. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the “like” on my recent post. I am happy you enjoyed it, and I appreciate your visit to my site.

    I enjoyed seeing your artwork. It’s lovely! 🙂

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  95. Very unusual and impressive artwork.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and enjoying my post.


  96. Thanks for liking my blog post, “Can atonal music express ecstasy?” You do good work. Where did you study painting?

  97. Thank You Panaudio, I am a natural born artist and have never had any official education in art, I have just always done art work as a kid and into my adult life

  98. Thank you for liking my post! I’ll definitely check out your art!

  99. Thanks for your comments on our Navy Seal Blog.

  100. your welcome 🙂

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  102. Your welcome queen

  103. Thanks again for liking my post. I am sure you are hard at work making more paintings. I’m sure you love it as they are so beautiful!

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    Thank you for liking a post on my news blog; happy to have discovered your work.

  105. You are welcome Queen, I do try and stay busy creating new work , Thank You 🙂

  106. Your welcome and thanks for stopping 🙂

  107. Hi Mark, just wanted to thank you for stopping by the blog of triptao.com and liking a post there (it took me some time, but “better late than never”). Have a great day!

  108. Thanks for the like! I have to say, when I stop by and look at your paintings it reminds me of my first born. My son would spend hours painting and sketching. He doesn’t do much of it now but he did do a head painting of Princess Diana for which he was paid. He likes to have his hands in all kinds of venues. It just reminds me…

  109. Thank You Queen, I am glad it brings back memories for you 🙂

  110. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You do beautiful paintings. You have a distinct style that makes your work not even need a signature. I am still trying to find my distinct style in photography.

  111. Thank You very much subdog, keep with it your work looks awesome 🙂

  112. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my post. Your artwork is stunning. What a talent you have! I especially love the cityscape pieces.

  113. Thank You so very much going on, if you are ever interested in an original or print please let me know

  114. Thanks for liking my post and have a blessed day!

  115. Thank you mark for liking my story. it is a compliment indeed to have an experienced blogger like yourself praising a beginner like myself.

  116. Thank you for visiting and ‘liking’ my blog. Decided to come over and check out your blog. You grabbed me right up front with those piano keys. I love your work. I’m now following you!

  117. Just had a mosey through your Working Title 365. The first one in the series looks like all of the Route 66 gas stations in California.

  118. Thank You so much Darsword, music plays a huge part in my work

  119. ha I would love to see that lol, Thank You Honeydidyouseethat

  120. Thank you for dropping by Malcolm’s Corner and liking ‘The View from the Top’.

  121. Thanks for visiting my website. Am I right in suspecting we have a common friend in Anniston?

  122. Thanks for visiting my blog! Am I right in guessing you discovered me through a common friend in Anniston?

  123. Whom are you refering to in Anniston?

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    Thanks for the like on my blog. The pictures don’t do the Mosque justice. It is a beautiful, tranquil place.

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    hey there! thanks so much for stopping by my blog! i am so glad you did and gave me the opportunity so see your great creations! i am also an artist myself and LOVE to see the works of fellow artists. i look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

  126. Thank You follower , I look forward to seeing more from you as well , have a great day

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  140. Thanks for the recent visit and ‘like’. Nice work – prolific! I really like the more impressionistic pieces, especially your Kentucky Derby tribute, it reminds me a bit of Jack B. Yeats, a famous Irish artist. Cheers, D.

  141. Thank You so very much Dara, have a great day

  142. your welcome Nikolel ,,,

  143. Thanks for liking my posts! Keep up the great work. Your art work is wonderful! Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts

  144. Mark your work is outstanding, and a transplant from Ohio to Huntsville; I am a southerner from Decatur, living in Wisconsin for Ahhhh…many years. I am a fan. Ann

  145. ha do you like Wisconsin, I spent some time in Greenbay some years ago,,,,Thank You Ann

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    Thank you for reading In the Garden of Fragrance. I appreciate your interest. Euart Ramsay

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  150. You are most welcome! Namaste. . . .Anne

  151. Hi Mark, Thanks for stopping by today; your artwork displayed for August 2013 is great; of course Elvis has to be one of my favorites. Ann

  152. Thank You Ann, glad you enjoyed the work,,,

  153. Country Cooking By Lynnlynn

     /  August 11, 2013

    Thanks so much for checking into my new blog Please come back soon Thanks Lynn

  154. I’m glad that you liked my post “Learn from the best.” Art seems never to be finished. Just when you think it is, you see a way to make it better.

  155. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me to yours. You have great stuff.

  156. Thank You Leggypeggy 🙂

  157. What lovely work! Thanks for stopping by my little blog and liking my post. Visit again soon and often……namaste.. . .. Anne

  158. I like your work. My late husband was from Alabama. Thanks for stopping by Just Breathe.

  159. Thank You so very much Jill, sorry for you loss

  160. All I can say is Wow. You are one talented young man. I can barely draw a stick figure.
    Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.

  161. Thank You so very much Dennie

  162. I’m honored that you read my blog – and that you “liked” it.Your work is fascinating, and I will certainly keep track of what you are doing. Thank you. Harold

  163. Thank You Harold, glad you enjoyed visiting and please do stop back

  164. Hi Mark! Thank you for liking my post at http://www.beautifulcourageousyou.wordpress.com 🙂 I love your blog…. you are sooo talented 🙂 Bless ya heaps x

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