Working On It

Currently I have been very busy working on a new painting, this piece is very challenging because I am combining both my styles into one painting,  I would love to share the painting but at this point I just can not, but hopefully soon. I do want to go ahead and touch base a little on this new project. This new painting is a pallet and brush painting with lots of detail and abstract combined through out the piece, but what makes this unique is every detail down to the tiniest details has a story to tell. It’s a story about abused and neglected children, and having two young children myself it ways heavy on my families and my hearts. I will explain the reasoning behind this piece at a later date but for now this is about all I can say about this painting,

Have a great day  🙂


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  1. thanks for all your beautiful work. thanks for all your support for my blog. You are a great man.

  2. Thanks Jim, I try to make it over as much as I can, from time to time I seem to get so busy I cant make it as much as I like,,,,, have a great day and thanks for your support as well

  3. Very intriguing! 🙂

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