Tribute to the National Children’s Advocacy Center


The Center is located in Huntsville Alabama, it serves abused and neglected children Nationwide


Top window on left is a little girl creating artwork, top right window is children dancing

Lower left is a basketball game under way, lower right is the founder Bud Cramer with the American flag behind him

any ideas of whats going on in the middle windows,,,, I won’t tell you lol

NCAC Photo

Photo study for this painting, The building itself is a work of art.

bud cramer

Photo study for Bud Cramer , The Founder of NCAC in Huntsville, Al

I left the slats out of the window to draw the attention to it (it’s not a mistake)

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  1. Hey, thanks for the “like” on my post! Your art is really lovely.

  2. WordPlayInc

     /  July 30, 2013

    Reblogged this on Word Play, Inc. and commented:
    Beautiful, detailed work. Amazing.

  3. you are welcome 🙂

  4. Thank You very much WordPlayinc

  5. WordPlayInc

     /  July 30, 2013

    You’re very welcome! Creativity recognizes creativity.

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