“City Celebration” City of San Francisco

“City Celebration” San Francisco skyline with fireworks ,the city of San Francisco put me in mind of the song Celebration and is how this piece got its name.

24x48x1.5 museum wrap acrylic , both parts together 48x48x1.5

The bridge on the left is Bay Bridge leading into the city, on the right is Pier 3, this is a two part painting and can not be seen here but the bay is the second piece and I have hidden several distinctive city items and markings so it could not be mistaken for another city.City Celebration low

City of San Francisco, on the right is the Piers, notice the party on the pier and can you find the boat?

city closup

fire works in the Bay , notice the smoke from the fireworks  setting in the back ground

city closup1

closeup of The Bay Bridge, In the second piece the bridge is the focal with a barge coming from underneath

closeup city

closeup city1

closeup city2

Prints available from Fine Art America  http://fineartamerica.com/featured/city-celebration-part-1-mark-moore.html

what to own the original, please contact me fineartbymark@aol.com

Artist Mark Moore is available for hire, if you have a special piece you would like to get done please contact fineartbymark@aol.com

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  1. I think this is the second time I said this … your skies are so much like the ones I draw, same colors, same essence … I really need to scan some of my art, it’s been on such a back burner to my writing though.

  2. I love the colors you used for the sky. Just brilliant!

  3. you should, I would live to see them ,,,Thanks Maryanne

  4. Thank You so much Agatas Art Corner

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