Last Friday Night

“Past Friday Night” in progress

past friday night

Edith Ann’s Diner in Huntsville, Al 255 Pratt St


the detail on this old diner is just breath taking, you cannot drive past this diner without staring


I don’t believe this is the original diner that once was, but the name completes the diner so I wanted to leave it the way it is today as it brings the past and the future together


the side windows draw you to the building in the way they were designed complimenting the diner as a whole

This piece is still in progress, I am considering putting a few old cars or maybe a motorcycle in the parking to complete the feel of a past Friday night out at the diner, what are your thoughts?

Study Photo

last friday night in progress

Prints Available ย ย

Artist Mark Moore is available for hired work, ask for rates !

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  1. Yes, definitely put some old cars! I love these!

  2. I absolutely love this. It’s almost haunting. I think a lone motorcycle would be a nice touch. Even without, it is amazing. Love it! Love it! Love it!

  3. yeah I was thinking a car or 2, but I am considering maybe an old motorcycle from back in the 50s ,,,,Thanks Maryanne

  4. Thank You so very much tree has no roots, I havent made up my mind yet as if I want to add or leave it be,,,:)

  5. what a fascinating piece of architecture, it almost has a ‘boat like’ quality to it. on Chicago’s lakefront there is a small restaurant that resembles a boat, looks very much like this. just thought i’d visit a bit to thank you for liking my poems lately, especially that one i was ‘anxious’ about. it meant a lot to me.

  6. Thank You so very much Whocouldknow, am so glad you enjoyed the painting ๐Ÿ™‚ have a great day

  7. I came by before and just saw the wine paintings. Since I’m not a wine lover, it didn’t grab me, even though the colors and compositions were great. However, I came back by and love these scene paintings! I love that you’re taking real places and making them your own through your artwork.

    By the way, thanks for coming by City on its Knees and liking a few of the posts. I really appreciate it!

  8. Thank You so very much heavenandearth, I am so grateful you stopped back. I see these places that are eye sores and the reason I am drawn to them is because if you can see past the dirt and grime and maybe go back in time in your mind, you will find real beauty,,, that is what I am wanting to show in these scene paintings that we as people can make them beautiful again even if only in our minds ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Thanks for your like Mark @ “Sous nos Couettes” : Very nice job.

    We do also have an English version you may be interested in called “Tails from Paris” :

    Thanks for sharing if you enjoy it …

    Best from Paris, France ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Alix, Roxane & their bald, bold & funny (at least he pretends to …) Dad

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