My Love by Mark Moore



“My Love” acrylic on canvas 24 x 30

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  1. Thank You very much Michelle

  2. Beautiful work!

  3. AWESOME— this is one of my favorites of your work——-

  4. Thank You so much Jackie

  5. Thank You so very much sandasmcschatter , If you are ever interested in a print or the original please let me know 🙂

  6. Love it x

  7. Beautiful. I love the way you captured the transparency and the softness of the petals.

  8. Reblogged this on mchelsmusings and commented:
    beautiful art by Mark Moore

  9. Thank You nanny cool 🙂

  10. Thank You so very much mchels

  11. beautiful mark. x

  12. Thank You so much Lynda 🙂

  13. is any of your work for sale?

  14. Great work. I love how the flower has a sort of transparent look. Also, thanks for all of the support on our blog. We really appreciate it.

  15. Yes Ebony, All my original work and prints are for sale, check out the gallery or contact me directly at , Thank You EbonyGirl

  16. Breath taking!

  17. Thank You so much Chaos 🙂

  18. A painting idea… wine is the ocean, a beautiful woman in a small boat riding a wave, her barefeet hanging overboard and she has a wine glass in her hand, the sun setting in the background. (:

  19. Sounds like it would be a fun piece , Thanks chaosandcabernet 🙂

  20. (: Just like me to want an ocean of wine! And you’re welcome!

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