Guest Bedroom Art Wall

great idea

930 Stratford

What can you do when you like to display art but your modern open concept house has few walls? Create an art wall! Chuck designed this beautiful display by carefully arranging many different sizes, colors and frame styles. The trick to making it work is packing the art densely together and going floor to ceiling. Otherwise it can look like you forgot to measure and ran out of pictures. In the foreground is our beautiful new Lawrence McRae lamp, handmade in the ceramic artist’s Boston studio, and our chic new Room&Board sleeper sofa is along the other wall.


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  1. Outstanding…AJM

  2. I second that emotion.

  3. Yes! I keep wanting to do a wall with art/photos hung salon-style in our home. Though I do cringe at the thought of so many nails going into our plaster walls…

  4. Try using the stick on hooks, they work great for hanging pictures and art work

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