A Time To Sail

boats low


“A Time To Sail” by Mark Moore

heavy body high gloss acrylic pallet knife painting on loose canvas, 16 x 20

I feel that life lately has had me tied down, so instead of living as if I am anchored to the restraints of life I am choosing to start living as an open sail. I am not going to allow myself to be tied down any longer, it’s time to set sail and enjoy all of life. We have one opportunity to live free and I believe we should embrace that opportunity. My family is my sail and all I do revolves around the happiness of what makes me who I am “my family”. Embracing a life with them to see where our sail boat takes us in new adventures of freedom and a world of complete surprises.

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  1. That is just stunning!!
    Lorna xx

  2. Thank You beansprowt

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  4. Thank You Sondasmcschatter 🙂

  5. i love the texture you achieved by the palette knife and the sentiment as well. beautiful.

  6. This is great – love the colors and textures!

  7. JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing

     /  April 10, 2013

    Reblogged this on lost creek publishing.

  8. your work is superb and the painting is really thought provoking!

  9. Thank You So very much Soumyav

  10. I particularly enjoyed this one. Though it’s meant to show a static scene– boats tied to a dock– everything seems to be in motion. It seems hopeful to me. Good job!

  11. Thank You Icarusdrowning, I love to hear others views 🙂

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