Mark Moore
Mark Moore
You have shown appreciation for my art in the past. So I was thinking you might like to see more of it in the future.

I would love it if you became my Fan on WorkingTitle365.

Excuse me?! What’s that?

Very simple. With a small or larger yearly pledge you can now be a part of making my work happen and of my creative process if you so wish. But I’m not just holding up my hand for a donation. I’m giving you lots in return.

You can for example support my work with 3 cents a day / €10.95 a year and receive a personal invitation for your input on new work, and exclusive pre-release photos.

Or for 25 cents a day / € 91.25 a year, you receive a 16″ x 20″ Fine Art Print delivered to your doorstep. 

Additionally, once I reach 20 Fans in the 25 cent category, I will be picking one Fan from this category to send a free original painting to and each time I reach 20 more I will then do the drawing twice per year. After all, you the Fan is whom helps me create original art.

I hope I can welcome you soon as my Fan on WorkingTitle365. If you have any questions, just send me an email.

Thanks a lot!


Become a Fan of Mark Moore
But how does it work? 

It takes only 3 steps to become Mark Moore’s Fan, and support me in my creative process:

1. Visit my profile on WorkingTitle365.

2. Choose a pledge and a reward.

3. Pay & Enjoy your first gift soon!

It’s that easy. Under   What is WorkingTitle365?   you’ ll find a short tutorial on how the platform works. You can also visit    FAQ   .

 Want to help me get more Fans? Please Share!
2 cents a day / €7.30 per year
Fine Art Postcard

You will receive a fine art postcard from me of one of my paintings, you choose the painting you like on postcard.
Angels for Micheal - Don't see my work? Display images
5 cents a day / €18.25 per yearHigh Rez Digital Print
Your Choice of 1 print from my collection that you can print from home and of course a Huge Thank You.
15 cents a day / €54.75 p.y.

You’ll receive a 8 x 10 poster print via mail, also you will get an invitation from me to help me name original painting(s) throughout the year.


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