World’s Top 100 Artist



 I placed 40th World Top 100 Artist and 2nd from United States , not bad from 45 countries


Artists from more than 45 countries participated in the 2012 New Masters competition. On the tab “Public Top 100” you will find the best artists voted by the public. In March 2013 we expect to announce the Expert Top 10.


New Masters: art discovered by the community; public & experts


This competition wants to find the 2012 best artworks according to the public community and/or the open community of qualified art experts.
Winning artists can be rewarded with money or with NMA-credits, to be used for portfolio reviews by gallerists and art experts.
Join today, because now it is still free, and let us help you.

  • Any artist worldwide
  • Any category
  • Maximum 20 artworks per artist
  • The deadline is 13 January 2013.
  • Winners need to email their PayPal account (preferred) or full banking details within 4 weeks after the competition finishes for payment.


$ 6,000 worth of prizes, consisting of money and credits for portfolio revies from art experts and gallerist
Public Top 100

The public can vote for the best artworks. The top 100 artists (50% of all participating artists with a maximum of 100) will be awarded with publicity and credits. The highest ranked artwork per artist will count. Credits can be used by artists to invite experts for portfolio reviews (see: Credits are valid for one year and will be added to the account of the artist in March 2013.

  • The top 25 artists winners each receive 400 credits
  • The top 26-50 artists winners each receive 300 credits
  • The top 51-75 artists winners each receive 200 credits
  • The top 76-100 artists winners each receive 100 credits
  • Publicity by announcing the winning names on one of the competition pages
Expert top 10

Our approved experts can vote too. The combined votes of all approved experts together will determine the top 10 winning artists (each with one winning artwork) selected from all submitted artworks for this competition. Their choice is independent of the votes of the public, independent of the ranking on the artworks page, and independent of any expert ratings.

  • These 10 artists are each awarded with € 200. The 10 artworks will be marked as the Winners of this competition.
  • Publicity on our facebook page.
  • Publicity in our newsletter
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  1. ramanda429

     /  February 27, 2013

    Do they do this competition every year? That would be totally awesome. I’d love to enter next year. Congrats on being 40th that is super good!!

  2. Thank You Ramanda , they do this yearly and I think it starts in Jan and the winners stay up until next competition , hope to see you in it next year ,,,,,,good luck

  3. ramanda429

     /  February 27, 2013

    Thank you. I better get on my portfolio then. By the way your art is awesome. 🙂

  4. Thank You Jean

  5. Congratulations on placing 40th World Top 100 Artist

  6. Thank You Jukk

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