The Maiden Voyage

The Maiden Voyage by Mark Moore , acrylic painting on canvas

Titanic low

The Titanic

This vessel was built to take on any journey, but only to be destroyed on its first voyage. As I was doing this painting I found myself thinking about the words “unsinkable”. We think we are indestructible only to find out our world can come tumbling down on us in a matter of seconds. This vessel is proof that nothing we do will last forever and we should cherish the moments of life we do have. Thinking of the souls that got on this “Maiden Voyage” and thought they were on a vessel that wouldn’t sink only to find themselves drifting into turmoil. To learn from our mistakes in history and to respect the souls that vanished to allow us to learn from them, we must cherish our own lives and love the ones closes to us. No matter if we are the richest or the poorest , we are susceptible to disaster at any moment. We all have a “Maiden Voyage” called life , for me I plan to make the grandest of all voyages of it.

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