Sensual Wine Series by Mark Moore


“Sensual Wine Series”

prints available at

Paintings are in acrylic knife, A look into the sensual side of life

Art is much like fine wine , it embraces our sensual side. Bringing the two together in a modern fashion to visualize the beauty in both wine and art. When I paint these, I want to bring a surreal feeling into the painting but at the same time give them a modern twist. I try to create a uniform background with each piece to enhance the series even through they are different in color. This series for me has been a challenging yet an enjoyable form of art that I will continue to explore.

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  1. Mark, I really like the Sensual Wine Series! I have shared it on my facebook page. I am an appreciator of wine, though not even close to a connosseur. I am mad about a good Merlot or Shirazz, but drink very little. So the little I do enjoy is that much more special. Good luck with your series, I believe you are on to something special!

  2. thank you so much, I truly appreciate you Cilipower

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