“Ich Glaube” by Mark Moore


” Ich Glaube ” by Mark Moore


the title of this painting is German, it means “I have Faith” and “I believe” . I thought this name would be fitting because the church steeple is in a remote town in Germany. I chose the background colors to show a bit of distress and anger as the world we live in can at times give us such friction. As part of our nature, hope and prosperity seems to drive us as a person and what better way to drive the faith than a church steeple.

The German people are driven  by prosperity and faith, so to catch the realm of hope this had to be a German setting. If you have ever met a German descendent, then you will know there will as a person. They seem to be so driven in life and their faith in family can only be respected.

Digitally remastered for words of hope and faith, to finish this piece as a story to be told by a prayer for all. This painting is for prosperity for all that view and when the world pushes more friction than we can handle, than let us remember these words.

As the light shines through the dark times we face as an individual, come to these words that allow us to find the strength that will empower our minds to find success. Prosperity does not come easy, but with faith and encouragement from others it can fuel us to find peace and happiness.

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  1. Faith, will, and courage to face each day. Not too much to ask for.

  2. Thank you Cilipower , may we all find courage and faith

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