Taxi E Contest Winning Images by Mark Moore



TAXI-E is a full electric taxi service. We provide transportation in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. All our taxis are 100% electric and charged with renewable energy. This makes us the most environmental friendly taxi service of the Netherlands (Europe).

TAXI-E wants to set an example for a new way of doing business. We want to help our customers to adapt a more sustainable live style. And inspire others to do the same. What better way to do this by using art. And by doing this together.

This is why we start a competition for artworks that strongly visuallize the theme: (BUILDING) A BRIGHT FUTURE (TOGETHER). Upload your artworks or vote and become part of one of the largest, most inspiring crowd sourced mobile artworks the world has seen.



“Building a bright future together”

TAXI-E presents an open competition for artists worldwide.
The winning artworks will be printed on the outside of an electric taxi.
The competition is in the final stage: the remaining 180 artworks were selected from over 1200 entries.

Vote now!

We need to find out how big to print the artworks. TAXI-E will decide, based on the number of vote(r)s,
the (visual) link to the theme, the quality of the image. Ranking is not live, but updated every 2-3 days.


The awards

Each winning image (of an artwork) will be printed on an electric taxi. We estimate between 150 and 200 images per taxi. Winning images will be part of a unique artwork that we build together with many other artists! The public will choose the best artworks. The more votes your work receives, the larger your photo will be printed on our taxis. There is no money price. TAXI-E reserved the right to filter participating images and will decide how many artworks will win. As said before, we all build this artwork together: the larger the buzz, the larger the artwork!

TAXI-E filters the artworks, according to the theme of this competition.
The public (any registered user) can vote from 19 February 00:00 CET – on 20 May 23:59 CET. The end date may change depending on popularity of the competition. .

Voting may not (yet) be done by all jury members or for all artworks. Votes may be changed. TAXI-E always has the final say, but is guided by the public votes.

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