Walk In The Park

Walk In The Park

acrylic on museum wrap canvas  36 x 48

Life is a walk in the park, full of colors that are bright as well as dark. We have moments that are bright that we tend to cling too, but we also have the darker colors that we try to forget and no matter how hard we work to forget, they are still there. In this painting you will see many colors and also see that they flow together but at the same time they run together, our lives flow and run together the same way. This is what makes us unique as an individual, we each have a park in life and we also have our own walk to make, it’s a beautiful park if we want it to be and the walk really isn’t that long, so enjoy your walk in the park.

tip – bringing bold, brilliant colors into your life will stimulate your mind to see life as bold, brilliant, and colorful

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  1. eswarann

     /  July 16, 2012

    Life is more beautiful to look at when you take a walk in the physical park as well.

  2. Yes you are correct eswarann , thank you

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