After Dawn , A question of beauty

After Dawn

acrylic on gallery wrap canvas , 18 x 24 x 1

The sun is coming up, offering its first bit of light on the new day. The birds are out enjoying the morning as they always do, but something is different. There is a new look about the landscape, it’s not the lighthouse, its been there for many years. It’s not the trees that are swaying in the wind, they have always been there as well. What is so different now than the hundreds of years before. Our ocean landscape is changing at a rapid pace, the question is, is it a sight of beauty or is it an eyesore. I will be doing a series of paintings that reflects that question ( site of beauty or eyesore ), as the reader I would like you to leave your answer in the comment section.

If you are interested in the original painting please visit

prints are also available and , I gave to web sites for prints , they are close in price and both are quality prints.

Tip…… Installing an original painting near the entry way offers a warm welcome for your quest.

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  1. Tthe wind turbines ruining natures beauty. Man just has to interfere with everything. Once again, very nice piece of work!

  2. thank you for your thoughts Dolly , are we ruining nature or helping to preserve nature , all thoughts welcomed.

  3. cynthia

     /  January 23, 2012

    I saw the wind turbines on a green field in Germany-at least 60 of them standing like modern era sunflowers. Better than fossil fuel/safer than nuclear power. I think it’s a new landscape. Mark, I think you’ve “loaded” the discussion by placing the turbines next to an iconic seascape image! When was the first lighthouse built…middle ages? Looking forward to seeing your next image!

  4. thank you for your insight Cynthia , It is better and safer than fossil fuels

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