No Hatred

No Hatred

Oil on canvas , 11 x 14

First off , get your mind out of the gutter , I know what it looks like but it’s not , haha.

I was hanging out with a friend one day and we somehow got on the black/white topic , of course I am white and he is black . So we were talking and joking and then all of a sudden this idea popped into my head about a new painting . I though we are the same on the inside and a bit different on the outside , but how boring would that be if we were the same on the outside and different on the inside . So I came home and went to work on this pieces immediately . I took the concept as being the same on the out as one body with different color (white on the left , black on the right ) and opened the chest up to show that we do have the same parts on the inside . Now rather this piece is a bit corny or not , the racist issues in our lives at some point is going to stop , and this is a huge issue with my friend , so I thought if I could help I would , so this is my contribution on the race issue we all face in our lives.

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