My Love

My Love

acrylic on canvas , 24″ x 30″

On exhibit at NRG Gallery in Columbus , OH

This piece I did for my beautiful wife Stephanie , I would always buy her flowers for special occasions , or like most men , when I would find myself in the dog house . But the flowers would only last about a week before they would die , so I figured I would paint her a flower that would never die , to represent the strength of my love for her . So I started on this piece ( My Love ) , the colors I selected also have a meaning, the dark black is for the rocky days we’ve encountered and the bright reds are for the days that were filled with fun and enjoyment , the white and grey is for the rainy days and sadness , the pink in the painting is to represent , well I think I will let you finish the story for yourself .

I am posting a link below if you would like a print so you can finish your own story .

thank you for reading this .

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  1. Paul Andrew Russell

     /  January 19, 2012

    This is beautiful!

  2. Thank you Paul ,

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