A Loss Of A Great Friend

Pat Fowler

This isn’t a goodbye , This is a see you later old friend

I remember the day I met you , we were at my in-laws house working on a deck . You pulled up in that old red truck with that ugly cap on the back , I remember making a joke about it , and then you started to laugh , I thought man you must be kidding me with that fake laugh . WOW it wasn’t fake after all, Never did I think that many years later you would still be my friend , not just a friend but a great friend . I still called you every chance I got and you did the same , on a bad day I would call you and tell you a joke just so I could hear that crazy laugh of yours and my day wasn’t so bad anymore . So now you are in heaven making them angels laugh , I bet you will meet lots of great friends up there , but down here I can bet I will never meet another friend as good as you , so when I get to come there I will be listing for your laugh . See you later Pat

ps. don’t be flirting with my mother , remember I know your game

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