See The Song

See The Song

I done the piece for a show in Nashville Tn , the theme for the show was old soul radio . My thoughts on this was why do we always have to hear the music , why couldn’t we see the music as well , so the old record player was to create the song and the piano keys was for our minds to create the music . For me , I had fun doing this piece , I put much thought into this piece before I started it , but when I actually started to paint the thoughts just went away and something totally different appeared . I do the thought process on many of my pieces as well and by the time I start to do the painting , the thoughts just seem to be replaced and a whole other concepts takes form . Thanks for taking a few moments and reading this and if you ever have any questions or comments , please feel free to leave them .

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  1. I woudl totally hang it if I had it! This is so thoughtful and inspiring. I am happy to know that creativity vibes are out there enabling people to create such fantastic items!


  2. Thank you Dress up, The original is in the Anthony Billups studio in Nashville,Tn , you should look him up on youtube , he is a up and coming country singer and artist , The original is available for purchase and prints will soon be available at Fine Art America , there is a link available on the blog page . The sale from original will go to benefit The Cystic Fybrosis Foundation . Here is a link if anyone is interested in the original

  3. JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing

     /  May 31, 2013

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  4. Thank You Jk Bevill 🙂

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